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Saturday, August 11, 2012

I am Looking for Guest Dumbasses!

How would you like to be an Internet Sensation like Fearless Leader? It's real easy to do, I mean just look at Fearless Leader, he's a Dumbass. But! He's a Dumbass read by tens of thousands of Dumbasses in 142 countries (and counting!) around the World!

This Could Be You!
You'll have a built-in audience to see your works of Dumbassery and you'll become a member of an Exclusive Club as well! I don't know what the hell Exclusive Club that would be, but it's an Exclusive Club nonetheless.

Bottom line...I let Beef Blogonoff, the epitome of a Dumbass, write a Guest Post and it went over like gangbusters! And by "gangbusters", I mean a "green turd in a punch bowl", but, hey, the dude got a few hundred hits on the crap he wrote. So, if you, too, can write crap worthy of being on Dumbass News, do it!
Scribble something down, send it to me at realdumbassnews AT gmail DOT com and I'll review it, give you credit for your creation and let the World judge what kind of Dumbass writing skillz you possess.

No experience is necessary to prove to Dumbasses all over the planet that you have what it takes to be a Dumbass Internet me.  :)

Vice Fearless Leadership Honors could be awarded, I just gotta think of some Honorary Titles to bestow upon the "lucky" Guest Posters.

Get your crayons out and start printing away, tracing the alphabet when you need to and putting them to pixels.

You could be the Next Dumbass Star!

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