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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Mitt Romney's Photo Drives Dumbass to Beat Girlfriend

I am a let and let live kind of guy. I couldn't really care less what people in the privacy of their homes. Gay? Go pack the fudge. Bigamist? Have fun. But you are a Dumbass. Drugs? Shoot, snort, smoke, whatever til you puke or die, I don't give a shit. As long as nobody is forced into participation, have at it. Having said all that, leave the kids and animals out of it. That's where I draw the line and make sure the rope is short and the tree is tall. No kids. Period.

One more thing that people, mainly men, do behind closed doors that really chaps my ass is beat wimmin. I can't abide by that at any time for any reason. Wanna be a tough guy? Come see me. We'll "talk". Pussy. Asshole. Coward. Again , I refer to the tall tree, short rope analogy above. End. Of. Story.


What kills me is the reasons these Dumbasses give for hitting on wimmin. She talked to another guy. She looked at another guy. Supper was cold. Oh, yeah, Tough Guy? Cold is what you'll soon be if you ever lay a hand on my wife or daughters.

Former "Tough Guy"; New Prison Bitch
Some Redneck Dumbass in Tennessee has a good one (Sarcasm Alert!) for punching out his live-in girlfriend - she is having an affair with Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney. Really. She is. Dumbass saw Romney's photo on his woman's Facebook page. And it made him angry. Real angry. Angry enough to smack her in the chops with a closed fist.

Now this "affair" may come as news to Mitt Romney who's as squeaky clean as a counter top wash with Pine Sol. Many of you may not like his views on the issues of the day, but the dude ain't no philanderer. Hell. He's a Mormon for Church of Jesus Christ - Latter Day Saints sake. Plus, he's been married to his wife, Ann, for something like 38 gazillion years without a hint of an extra marital scandal.

So, for whatever "reason", Ol' Mitt made Butt Boy (the Redneck Dumbass) mad as hell. Now he should be scared as hell.

All Well That Ends in Hell

These days it looks like Lover Boy will spend a little time romancing the stones in the county lock up. Say what you can and will about prisoners, but, collectively, they hate a guy that beats on wimmin. When they find out what the Redneck Dumbass, Lowell Turpin of Knoxville is in for, his anal cavity will get tighter than a mosquito's assholle stretch over a rain barrell. For a while.

I'd venture a guess that good ol' Loweel never took that small detail into consideration before he belted hid old lady. No it's time to pay the piper, L-Turp. Now you'll find out exactly what having your dignity and self-worth taken away is all about, Choir Boy - soprano, of course. The German have a word in deriving guilty pleasure from the pain of others - schadenfreude. Well, Hoss, your schaden is a bout to be freued- ed.

Write home soon and tell the family that you are now a homo, you are gonna feel like one.

Have a nice day.


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