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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Port-o-Potty Peeper Gets Knee Deep in Work

It was on this date in 1977, The King died. yes, on Augusta 16, 1977 Elvis Presley was found dead in the bathroom of his beloved Graceland mansion.

I still remember when I found out this sad news about the King. Elvis had to be the coolest guy to ever live. renting out movie theaters and amusement parks just so he could enjoy a "normal" life away from being the King of Rock n Roll. He did all this not only for himself, but for his what was called his Memphis Mafia, those friends closest to him and their families.

But this post is to bury Elvis not praise him. Since The Coolest Guy Ever died while on his Throne, I wanted to commemorate this auspicious occasion with a story of the same nature. A story of a Dumbass in the People's Republic of Boulder who didn't die taking a shit, but who was busted for being a Peeping Tom with port-o-potties being his venue of choice.

Port-o-Potties, the Bain of Mankind  

I have written stories about Dumbasses and Port-o-Potties before. Like this one about a guy who enjoys doo doo diving in them. And this tale of a guy who got hammered then got locked in a Port-o-Potty overnight. Ain't that some shit?

The Potty Peeper & His Shit Lawyer***
Now comes the story of some Dumbass who made peep holes in port-o-potties being used at a yoga festival! This jackass got kicks on Route 66 by looking at wimmin peeing and pooping (wimmin poop they don't shit) in between yoga routines. Ain't that some shit?

What the hell kind of fetish is it that a man gets his jollies by watching wimmin use the head? While he is up to his waist in waste inside the tank of the toilet! If some dumbass were so inclined to do something like this, wouldn't it be more "practical" to peep into the dressing room area? Nekkid wimmin vs pooping wimmin is a no brainer in my book, but I have absolutely no desire to be a Peeping Tom. Except when Mrs. Fearless Leader and I play our "little game" on Saturday nights.

But I digress.

Port-o-Potty Questions

Naturally, I have some questions and it is incumbent upon me as your Saturday Night Freakapalooza Fearless Leader to bring these querries to the forefront.
  • Where is the outcry from the fine Liberal Pansies of Boulder for port-o-potty control? Let the federal Gubmint regulate the manufacture and sale of port-o-potties across this land! Why not? You Commie Pussies want the gubmint to run your life from cradle to grave, why not let have at portable shitters as well?
  • How does a guy create peep holes in numerous potties on the go (hahahahaha I made a funny) and not get noticed?
  • Why in Gawd's name would a guy want create peep holes in numerous potties on the go in the first place? 
  • Peeping from tank itself ? Enough said.
  • Why isn't this Dumbass in a mental institution somewhere?
  • Elvis still dead. Unless he is still living a hermit's existence in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Is K-town on the UP of Michigan? If so, does that make the King of Rock n Roll a Yooper?

***From the Boulder Daily Camera***

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