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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Lady Poisons Boyfriend to Get His Attention!

Vicki Jo
Vicki Jo Mills of McConnellsburg was feeling that her boyfriend, Thurman Nesbitt, was lax in his duties in doting over her. So, instead of new lingerie, perfume or hairdos, Vicki Jo, hatched a plan that would make Thomas notice her like she'd never been noticed before.

It has been my experience in life that men sometimes put other things in life ahead of their wives/girlfriends that leave the poor woman craving attention. To be fair, the things that men put first are worthy things like fishing, golf, likker, etc, but there's absolutely no excuse for neglecting your woman by means other than these. I am sensitive to a woman's needs that way.

Neglected wimmin often drop subtle little hints that you have not shown them enough attention lately. They'll put on a new perfume, get a new hairdo, buy sexy lingerie or try to poison you.

At least that's the way wimmin in Fulton County, Pennsylvania do things.


She decided to poison him! Over a period of three years!

This certainly got Thurm's attention. It also got the attention of his doctor.

During three years of fluctuating blood pressure, vomiting and difficulty breathing, Ole Sawbones called in the Law. From, "According to investigators with the Pennsylvania State Police, Vickie Jo Mills used Visine eye drops to poison her boyfriend, Thurman Nesbitt, at least 10 times since June of 2009.
State police got involved in the case in mid-July after Nesbitt's doctor contacted them. He had been treating Nesbitt for years for unexplained nausea and vomiting, elevating and dropping blood pressure, as well as difficulty breathing.
A test showed the main ingredient for eye drops, tetrahydrozoline, in Nebitt's blood. Troopers questioned Mills, who admitted to putting eye drops in Nesbitt's drinking water." 

If at First You Don't Succeed...

Vicki Jo has been charged with aggravated assault in the case, still she maintains that "she "never meant to kill" her boyfriend, but "only wanted him to pay more attention to her.". I agree with VJ here. poisoning your significant other at least ten times is a definite scream for attention - attention from law enforcement, the District Attorney and a hangin' judge.

Vicki Jo will also be a big hit in the PA Department of Corrections for Dumbass Wimmin's "Ain't She Got a Purty Ass" Division where Spike McGillacuddy forms a one Lezbean welcoming committee, if you know what I mean and I think you do.

Calls for Attention

Men, if you notice any of the more common "pay attention to me or I'll cut off your gazebos or poison you" signs from your woman, do something immediately to ensure your own safety and happiness at home.

Tell the bitch to make you a sammich.

And get you a beer. Nothing says "I am paying attention to you" like that does.

And Vicki Jo? One word for you: batteries. Lots of batteries. You now have the attention you so are desperately craving.


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  1. Talk about desperation! So just to get attention, you end your boyfriend’s life little by little? That’s a classic! Why not invest in something worthwhile? Try changing your look, or learn new things for him like cooking a new dish, or whatever comes to mind. Just don’t poison him!


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