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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Another Tattoo, Another Prison Bitch

A Tattoo is Worth 1000 Words
Best of Dumbass News
I have never been one for tattoos, on me at least. I have seen some tats that look real good...on other people. I don't begrudge those who have "body art" on their persons because some times the tattoos lead to a perfect Dumbass News story, like this one. After reading that post, you just had to know that another tattooed dumbass would eventually come down the pike. Lo, it is that time.

Unlike the dumbass in the link above who got his tattoo to win a radio contest, today's dumbass, Anthony Garcia, got his ink because he KILLED somebody. What could possibly go wrong with that? I mean other than the fact that he could get arrested at a later time and the "confession" in his tattoo would get him convicted of murder.

Yahoo! News has the story and from it we get this clip, "Back in 2004, Lloyd had been working as a sergeant at the Pico Rivera station when he was called to the scene of a shooting outside a liquor store, in which 23-year-old John Juarez was gunned down. The murder was never solved.
But Lloyd quickly realized that the tattoo on Garcia's chest showed the scene. It wasn't just the image of the liquor store itself. It was the artistic details: the Christmas lights on the roof; the street lamp in the corner; and the murder victim depicted as a peanut, which is a gang terminology for a rival gang member. And above it all was a banner reading "Rivera Kills"—a reference to the Rivera-13 gang." What. A. Dumbass.

The cops found and arrested Garcia and threw his dumb ass in the lockup. The cops also placed another "prisoner" in the cell with Garcia. but this "prisoner" was actually an undercover policeman who just happened to be wired so any conversation he had with Garcia could be recorded and used as evidence against him at trial. Being a typical dumbass gangbanger, Garcia started singing like Old Blue Eyes Hisownself, with each syllable being carefully recorded by the heat.

Long story short, Garcia the Pendejo was tried and convicted of murder because of a fucking tattoo! Well, that and the small matter of murder. So Tony is now a long-term guest of the State and a booty call for many inmates that have "needs". After all, felons are only human.


Hat tip to Mark the Brother

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  1. An elderly women was attacked by a man with tattoos all over his face. At the trial the prosecutor asked her to identify the suspect, and she said I can't I wasn't wearing my reading glasses.


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