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Monday, October 8, 2012

Dumbass Sports: 2012 North American Wife Carrying Championships!

Spring has sprung, fall has fell and Maine has become boring as hell.

I made that up. Kind of. OK, I made up the "boring as hell" part. The rest of the saying, and I am big on sayings, was already there and I modified it. The original that I learned from my Uncle David Reed over 30 years ago goes like this: "Spring has spring, fall has fell, summer's here and it's hotter than usual". I like my version better. It has more panache, which is a Fwench word meaning "it rhymes".

It's Wife Carrying Time!

Fall, therefore winter, comes to Maine quite a bit sooner than many locales around the country, and when it does, it throws us into an, "Oh, shit! What is there to do now?" mode. So we invent things. Like wife carrying for fame and fortune. And beer.

I'm not sure where or when this idea came into fruition, but I do know that I have written about it before and it was a huge hit with the Dumbass Horde.

Here's a little background from my previous post:  The object of this dumbass "sport" is to navigate a 278 yard course lined with mud holes and all sorts of fun obstacles like that while carrying your dumbass wife on your back! What fun! The people who participate in dumbass wife carrying are deadly serious about it, why they've even got specialized ways for a man to carry his better half. From we learn : "Carrying methods include traditional piggyback, the fireman’s carry or something called the “Estonian carry,” said Paula Wheeler, director of development for the Mahoosuc Arts Council, the event’s sponsor." The "Estonian carry" sounds particularly menacing (or pornographic, I ain't sure which). The best thing about this event, besides the certain hilarity that ensues, is what the winner receives as a prize. I.Am.Not.Making.This.Up. His wife's weight in beer! There is a God! 

Repeat, Repeat Winners

For the record, we are dealing with the North American Wife Carrying Championships here, not the World Championships. The North American version of this spectacle took place over the weekend Newly, Maine at Sundat River ski resort. The snow has fallen yet, so this is how they fill in the off season at SR. It make s a lot of money, too.

And they're off!
WCSH,Channel 6 fills us in on this year's competition: It's an annual event at Sunday River - site of the North American Championships.

This year's winners were Taisto Miettinen and Kristiina Haapanen from Finland; the two have won the world championships for the past four years and say there is a strategy to every course.
With a winning time of 52.58 seconds, the victors win Kristiina's weight in beer, and five times her weight in cash.
Barely half a second behind them was the second place couple: Jesse Wall and Christine Arsenault from South Paris.

As you can see, Americans are lacking in their wife carrying skillz and the Commies from Finland and Estonia, the only countries to win the Worlds, continue to dominate this event on Merkin soil. It's a disgrace to decent wife-carrying men all over this great land. Although the second place couple does hail from South Paris, Maine. Not South Paris, Fwance as you might think.

What Can Americans Do?

I think we should have gubmint subsidies for wife carrying just like we do for ethanol and other useless bullshit. With these gubmint funds, the United States of America could train wife-carriers from all 50 states with the latest techniques and technology. Kinda like the Olympics. A few million here and a few million there will put American wife-carriers back at their rightful and God-given spot on top of the World Wife Carrying Rankings. Just think of the pride we as Merkins could take in these fine young people representing their country at future World Wife Carrying Championship events! USA! USA! USA!

I, therefore, humbly submit this petiton to our Congressdumbasses in Washington, DC that they actually do something useful and right by their constituents and Americans all over the land, by throwing tax payer money hand over wife for this truly patriotic cause.

I beseech you, fellow Dumbasses, to call, write, email and otherwise threaten bodily harm to your duly elected Dumbasses in the United States Senate and the US House of Representatives to pass appropriate legislation to achieve this worthy goal.

To do less would be unAmerican.



  1. Haha my sister told me about this sport and I was like wtf

  2. We have kind of adopted wife carrying as the Official Sport of Dumbass News. That oughtta tell you something about this blog. :)


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