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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Judge Orders State of Massivetwoshits to Pay for Prisoner's Sex Change Operation!

Today is The Big Day!

My wife will be having gizzard-removal surgery today and will probably be in her room beginning the recovery process by the time you read this. I will, of course, be at her bedside at Dumbass Community Hospital, waiting patiently and lovingly for her to get strong enough to get home and make me a sammich. And if I were a drinking man, fetch me a beer. Dammit. That's just the kind of compassionate Fearless Leader that I am.

Best of Dumbass News

Speaking of sex changes...I know, through a very popular blog and Facebook, a now-female, Amanda (not her real name), who has gone through, at least partially (I don't know how much, nor do I really care), a sex change. She is a very cool person - attractive (in a sex change kind of way :{) and very funny and intelligent. I like her. If she hadn't revealed this information, I never would have known about the surgery, nor would it have mattered. What matters to me is what's on the inside, not bodily appendages or lack thereof. Amanda is a quality human bean. That's all that is important to me. Like I said, I like her and didn't abandoned our online friendship because of something that she feels is right for her. Did I mention that she's very smart and funny as hell?

Today's Dumbass News touches on sex-reassigment surgery, or for brevity's sake, a sex change. For a prison inmate. A male prison inmate.

But, "Fearless Leader", you ask, "what's the difference in what Amanda did and the inmate wants to do?"

Allow me to elucidate.

Michelle Kosilek
Robert/Michelle (Image from HuffPo)
Vive La Difference!

What my friend did and for whatever reasons, she did on her own and through her own means. The inmate, born Robert Koselik, now called Michelle, wants the tax payers of Massivetwoshits to pay for his sex change and some Dumbass Liberal Pussy Judge, US District Judge Mark Wolf  agrees!

FYI, Judge Wolf can be reached at:

1 Courthouse Way
Boston, Massachusetts 02210
(617) 748-9152

The HuffPo story states, "U.S. District Judge Mark Wolf earlier this month ordered the state Department of Correction to provide sex-reassignment surgery to Michelle Kosilek. Wolf found that prison officials had violated Kosilek's Eighth Amendment right to protection against cruel and unusual punishment, and that the surgery is the "only adequate treatment" for Kosilek's gender-identity disorder.
Wolf has now found that Kosilek is also entitled to legal fees.
"Kosilek has prevailed on his claim that the defendant has violated his Eighth Amendment rights and is continuing to do so. Therefore, he is eligible to be awarded his reasonable attorney's fees and costs," Wolf wrote in an order entered in court Sunday."

What. The. Fuck?

But wait! There's more! "Kosilek first sued state prison officials 12 years ago. Two years later, Wolf ruled that Kosilek was entitled to treatment for gender-identity disorder but stopped short of ordering surgery. Kosilek sued again in 2005, arguing that the surgery was a medical necessity. Kosilek has made two suicide attempts.
In opposing Kosilek's request, prison officials have repeatedly cited security concerns, saying that allowing her to have the surgery could make her a target for sexual assaults by other inmates.
Wolf, however, found that the DOC's security concerns are "either pretextual or can be dealt with."

You're joshin' me, right Judge? Right?

Da judge ain't joshin'.

Dumbass Questions and Musings
  • "Either pretextual or can be dealt with"? Seriously? I am dumbfounded.
  • A man living as a woman in an all male prison - what could possibly go wrong?
  • A former man who is now a woman (parts, or lack thereof and all) living in an all male prison - what could possibly go wrong there?
  • Nothing says "fuck me and make me squeal" like a transgendered person serving time in a prison filled with the opposite sex.
  • While I am fairly certain that Robert/Michelle has been a prison bitch for a while now (he's been in prison since the early '90s), he doesn't realize the significance of what he's about to do.
  • Regarding the statement above, I don't care. The motherfucker is in prison for murdering his wife. Over the mascara or some shit.
  • Judge Mark Wolf is a Commie Bastard, pretextual or not and should be dealt with at the ballot box or Judicial Review Board, whatever the appropriate channels.
  • Bawney Fwank and Ted Kennedy are/were from Massivetwoshits. So is Judge Mark Wolf. Enough said.
  • Fuck Massivetwoshits.


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