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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Lawyer Drops Joint Onto Floor - While in Court!

"The first thing we do, Let's kill all the lawyers" - Dick the Butcher in Shakespeare's Henry the Sixth. Before you all go accusing me of being a smarty pants, let me assure you that I am just as big a Dumbass as you are. I knew the quote, I simply "googled" to find the specifics.

I bring this up today because there's an attorney in Nawlins (that's New Orleans for all the Yoopers in the audience) that probably wishes he was dead about now. Why?

Let me tell you why.

It Fell From His Pocket

Jason Cantrell is an assistant city attorney for the City of New Orleans. He was in court the other day when something most unusual, even for a court of law, happened. He was "in conversations" in the court room when a cop saw something fall from Canrell's shirt pocket. The cop, being the polite sort, reached down to pick the object up and guess what it was. A pen? Nope. A court document. Not this time. A joint? Yup. A doobie, a manually assembled relaxation device (MARD), a hooter, a marijuana cigarette dammit! This is a big no no even in The Big Easy. picks up the story from there, City spokesperson Ryan Berni said Cantrell has been suspended without pay from his part-time position, pending further investigation. Cantrell was assigned to traffic court in his public capacity.
It is not uncommon for an assistant city attorney to work private cases in addition to their work for the city.
Cantrell ran unsuccessfully in 2009 for a seat on the Juvenille Court bench. He is the husband of current City Council District B candidate LaToya Cantrell.

Let me say here that, as is common with city lawyers, Cantrell was working as a private attorney when the joint-dropping took place. Still, this is not a good thing.Jason Cantrell

Questions Abound 
  • The obvious question is why? Why in the name of Cheech and Chong would a lawyer carry a joint on his person anyway? Keep the weed at home, bro.
  • Why not hide the stash in a suit coat pocket or a cigarette pack? Why some place where even the slightest possibility of something like this could happen?
  • Is Cantrell's phone ringing off the hook from pot heads all over New Orleans calling his number (pun intended) 24/7?
  • Where did he get his pot? 
  • Was it any good?
This is beyond stoopid and borders on dumbfuckery. What am I talkin' about? It is dumbfuckery.


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