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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Commies Invade North Carolina, Put End to Town's "Possum Drop"!

This time they've gone too far! And I am mad as hell!

Not a Member of PETA
The Annual New Years Eve Possum Drop in Brasstown, North Carolina is no more. The local church choirs that once sang hymns at the Possum Drop will be silent. A tribute to war veterans also becomes a casualty. After more than two decades of pure family fun, the Brasstown Possum Drop has come to an end thanks to PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) and a pole cat of a judge. fills us in: A judge ruled Tuesday that a state agency didn't have the authority to issue a permit for the event.
"Citizens are prohibited from capturing and using wild animals for pets or amusement," Judge Fred Morrison wrote in his ruling. "Hunters must afford wild animals the same right Patrick Henry yearned for: 'Give me liberty, or give me death!'"
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals had sued the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission, which issues the permit for the event, saying it's illegal and cruel. 

Clay Logan, founder of the Possum Drop festivities said the possum is well fed and cared for by a veterinarian. During the event, it is placed in a plexiglass cage and lowered for 10 seconds. Shortly thereafter, the animal is turned loose into nearby woods, he said. A new possum is used each year, in part, because of their short life spans. A 3-year-old possum is considered old, he said.
Logan said the possum drop will continue in some form, although he won't break the law. This challenge by PETA marks at least the third time that someone has challenged the drop, he said.

What in the name of all that is Holy going on here? You'd expect this kind of shit from PETA because that's what they do, the idiots. But an Officer of the Court quoting Patrick Henry for the benefit of a possum thus overruling the very state agency that is responsible for the maintenance and preservation of wild animals in North Carolina? The way I see it is that if the guys at the Wildlife Commission say the Possum Drop is OK, then I don't have a problem with it. Screw PETA and the Judge.

Sure, the possum is gonna be pissed off for a little while, but it could be much worse. He (the possum, not the Judge) could have an up close and personal encounter with a Ford truck on a local highway.What then? Would PETA sue the Ford Motor Company and would the Judge issue a temporary restraining order against F-150s? The answer is yes, the shit-stirrers at PETA probably would sue Ford and only God knows what this moron of a Judge would do.

What's next? That groundhog in Pennsylvania?

I hereby urge the fine citizens to unite against this unwanted and unethical gubmint intrusion into their God-given Constitutional right to have their yearly New Years Eve Possum Drop! This tyranny must not and will not be tolerated! The pursuit of happiness must not be infringed upon by the overreaching arm of a rogue jurist! Write and/or email your Senators and Congress Persons and express your outrage at such a blatantly lawless attempt to subvert your rights by a Judge who obviously has not seen nor read the part of the Constitution that says "Thou shall not covet thy neighbor's possum!" Or something. It's in there somewhere, trust me on this one. I implore you to rise up in look this type of unAmerican, Commie lechery square in it's bloodshot eyes and say, "enough!" Never surrender! Use the ballot box to rid yourselves of this power hungry adjudicator! He is a pox upon your fine community!

Alternatively, you could substitute a member of PETA for the possum.


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