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Friday, December 7, 2012

"I Forgot The Gun Was in My Luggage" - Illinois State Senator Tells Airport Cops

I have openly stated on this blog that I am a political conservative. It is also well-documented on these very pixels that I will make fun of anybody at any time with the exception of my Mother, the Pope and Billy Graham. Why everybody except those three? In order: I love and respect my Mother, I am Catholic and Billy Graham is a great man and my Favorite Protestant.

With that said, it's now time to play "Rub a Liberal's Nose in It"!

Let it be said at this point that I'll blast a Conservative when he or she is Dumbass Blast-worthy. Like I said, anybody, any time. This time the Dumbass in Question just happens to be a Democrat State Senator from Chicago.

Quick Facts: 
El Pistolero
  • Before today, I had never heard of Illinois State Senator Donne Trotter Bond, the man you'll learn more about in a minute.
  • He is a Democrat from Illinois and, by definition, a Liberal. There are no other kind of Democrats in Illinois.
  • By all accounts, he is a good man who has been married for 26 years, has four kids and 6 Grand children. I am not here to impugn his character, just his judgement. And the fact that he is a Liberal automatically calls into question his judgement.
  • All the news sources I read refer to him as Senator Trotter, not Senator Bond. Senator Trotter it is.
  • I like tweaking Libs.
How Did That Get in There?

The good Senator was about to board a plane at O'Hare International Airport in Chicago Wednesday when airport security checked his carry-on luggage. Everything was hunky dory except for one teensy weensy detail. There was a pistol in the bag! I haven't flown in quite a few years, but as I recall, packin' heat on a commercial aircraft is what one would call a BIG no no. reveals The 19 yr state senator told law enforcement he had forgotten about the gun found in his carry on luggage after working as a security guard the night before. A Chicago police spokeswoman said Trotter is licensed to carry a weapon and has a current FOID card, however, the gun was not registered in Chicago.

Trotter says that he has a job as a security guard but Allpoints Security, the company Trotter said he was working for, has not yet confirmed to the media if Trotter was on duty the night before. If Trotter works for Allpoints as he says he was doing, the job is either new or not very lucrative. In April 2012, Trotter filed an economic interest disclosure form, and Allpoints Security was not listed anywhere on the form, including as not bringing in more than $1200. 

Questionable Judgement

And boy do I have questions
  1. How is it that famous people or people in positions of authority always forget that they have a handgun in their possession when they are about to get on an airplane?
  2. Allpoint Security, Trotter's alleged employer, seems to be a major player in the security bidness in the Chicago area. In the company's mission statement they declare that they utilize the latest technology and training methods in their day to day operations. This begs the question: if Trotter is trained in the latest and greatest security stuff, how in the hell could he forget that he had a weapon in his carry-on luggage? I guess he missed the class on remembering where your firearm is.
  3. Shouldn't it be real easy for Allpoint to find out who was on duty at a given job just the night before?  This is of course assuming that Donne Trotter Bond even works for them.
  4. Being a security guard is a noble profession, but I am sure that there aren't very many of them holding state senatorships like Senator Trotter. What gives?
As I wrote earlier, I don't know this guy from Adam, and it may well be that this whole incident is much ado about nothing. I hope it is. Seriously. Unless the Senator is one of those holier-than-thou-the-rules-that-apply-to-you-don't-apply-to-me asshats. If he's one of those, screw him. Let the chips of Justice fall where they may.

The fact remains, however, that Trotter is now an accused felon. There's no denying that he was in possession of a pistol while in the process of boarding an airplane. This act of stoopid-idity and the fact that he's an Illinois Liberal (see Quick Facts above) makes him a...



  1. His name is Bond for goodness sake, they should have known he carries a Walther PPK. The Senator said to the TSA "I'm Bond, Donne Bond".

  2. And the TSA responded to him, "No, that's Bond. Jail Bond."

  3. Illinois state senators make $67,896 plus per diem. I can see why a security guard would like to moonlight as one. But what self respecting security guard would carry a .25?

    1. "But what self respecting security guard would carry a .25?"

      Great point, Stoo! I'm thinkin' a .45 or 9mm should do the trick.

  4. I prefer the .45, but that's only because I've got more experience with it.

    For an armed position, I would think that nothing smaller than a .38 would be a requirement by the employer - if it wasn't one of those no-show jobs.


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