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Friday, February 8, 2013

New Post w/UPDATED Info! Cal-ee-forn-ya Assemblywoman (D-umbass) Is a Thief!

This post is an update to the story on the Cal-ee-forn-ya State Assemblywoman (D-ipshit) I put up earlier today.

A couple of months ago, November 1 to be exact, I did a story about a woman who was busted for shoplifting. So what? This broad was a California State Assemblywoman from the Bay Area, San Franpussytown. And she was nabbed shoplifting from Neiman-Marcus! This dumbass female wasn't caught putting a pair of gloves in her purse, saying she just forgot about it and didn't remember to pay. The stoopid dame walked out of Neiman's with almost $2500 worth of merchandise! After stashing the loot on her person, she walked by several cashiers on the way out and still didn't pay for the stuff. So she went out the door, at which point she is guilty of stealing shit, and store security guys popped her. Then she claimed ignorance, saying she forgot that she didn't pay for the loot. read the whole story at the link above and get all the skinny on this incident.

She's a Liberal

Her name is Mary Hayashi and she's a Democrat. I bring up her party affiliation because the Lame Stream Media won't and if they do, it's buried in the 28th paragraph, on page 43 B.  That's how I know she's a liberal. She represents the Bay Area and its vermin. San Fran ain't exactly known as a hotbed of conservatism, but it is known for its "alternative lifestyles" and pornographic public events.  WARNING: Really Perverted Stuff at Link! They must be so proud. 

Story Updated!

I accidentally came across an update to this story today and I just had to share it with The Dumbass Horde. You ain't gonna believe this shit.

Although Hayashi stole almost $2500 worth of stuff, a felony offense, to which she pleaded not guilty, charges were refiled as a misdemeanor and the Assembleywoman re-pleaded no contest. A plea deal was reached after Hayashi's attorney revealed that she had a benign brain tumor that "could have interfered with her decision making" Are you fucking kidding me? She got three years unsupervised court probation and to stay 50 feet away from the Neiman-Marcus store! Do you think if it was a white guy with the same "medical condition" (ha ha) that pulled the same stunt as Hayashi would have gotten the same deal? Hell. No! He would have thrown post haste into the Big House and told that the prison has an excellent medical staff to help him deal with his health difficulties. You know it and I know it, but this is a powerful (minority) woman in San Francissy. There's no way she was going to the slammer. Oh, yeah...and the DA is a pussy. 'Nuff said. Assholes.

 The DA Pussies Out Speaks

I am gonna quote directly from the news report on CBS-San Francisco on what the DA had to say about this deal. Here's the money quote: “In the spirit of compromise, now that Ms. Hayashi’s medical conditions resulting in her arrest have been taken care of, she decided to resolve the case as well,” he said. “We’re dealing with a first-time offender, and if the court decides to go in a different direction, we’re going to support that,” Gascon said.
Although Gascon said prosecutors felt that there was clear evidence to treat the crime as a felony, he added, “the way that we begin a case is not always the way that the case ends, and that is also part of the process.” That and the fact that this bitch is a State Asshole-sembleywoman and the District Attorney nearly shit his panties when the pressure was applied by, shall we say, "outside individuals"? No we can't say that. We can, however, say "other city gubmint officials to whom the DA reports." That's more like it.

Did I mention that her husband is a judge in the Bay Area? I think that's something that should be taken into consideration in this case. Obviously he did not preside over this case and I'm thisclose to 100% certain that he wouldn't use his position as a Member of the Bench to influence the District Attorney in decision to reduce the sentence. Would he? Naaaaa.  coughbullshitcough

San Francisco. The City By the Bay. Such a beautiful cityrun by a bunch of Holier-than-thou Liberal, wannabe Masters of the Lower Class, and occupied by a bunch of losers who feel entitled to your money and their choice to do anything at anytime without consequences. Don't believe me? Check out this filth, in public, in San Franpussies.

Fuck 'em all.



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