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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Guy to Pay for Tattoo Ad Removal on His Face By Selling Tattoo Ad Space on His Body!

We've seen this before on Dumbass News.

Dumbasses getting tattoos on their person in return for some product or service. One Dumbass got a radio station logo tattoo on his forehead because of a station promotion that would give the tattoo-ee $100,000 for doing so. One teensy weensy problem though. The promotion was a joke conceived by one of the radio stations DJs!

Another Dumbass got a Netflix tattoo on his leg and the media streaming giant was so impressed that they gave the guy a free year of their service.

Yet another Dumbass got a tattoo that helped put him in prison! The tat in question was of a murder scene with which the Dumbass had been associated. Talk about irrefutable evidence!

Now comes the story of a guy in Alaska who went the Extra Mile in Tattoo Dumbassery.

Allow me to elucidate.

Facial Billboard

Some stupid fuck in Anchorage was going through some economic hard times when he came up with an absolute jizzwhistle (thanks, Todd Kincannon!) of an idea. Billboards! On. His. Face. In this case "billboards" meaning "tattoos".  
Hostgator Dotcom***

The Dumbass' given name is Billy Gibby, but after selling his face to Evil Big Bidness, he changed his name to (I. Ain't. Makin'. This. Up.) 'Hostgator Dotcom'. (FYI: HostGator is a very big website hosting service similar to GoDaddy.) At first, the Dumbass was charging $1000 per facial tattoo. Over time that amount decreased to $75 a pop. So now you can understand his economic desperation.

Adios Tats

Now Dotcom wants to remove the ads tattooed to his mug.... alll twenty-four of them, including some for porn sites!

This begs the question: if the Dumbass is in such financial straits, how can he afford to have all these tattoos on his puss removed?

Wait. For. It.......

He's gonna sell ad/tattoo space on his body to pay for it!

This gets better, folks.

Dotcom, 32, said that he sold face space for tattooed ads, quote "because of my mental illness". Ya think??!!

I have failed to mention thus far that "mentally ill" Hostgator Dotcom has five children! Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a shit load of Little Dotcoms to weaken the gene pool for at least a generation. And remember this guy is only 32 years old, so there's a good chance that he could still procreate again.

Our Nation is doomed.

Unless Hostgator Dotcom gets one more piece of body art done - the scars of The Ole Snip-Snip on his nut sack.

I'll personally pay for it.


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  1. It's obvious that anybody who has their face tattooed has mental illness. It's written all over their face.

    My all time favorite dumbass tattoo:

    Success is not an option

    inscribed down the length of a woman's torso.

    1. I saw a tat on a girl once that was on her lower tummy. It had an arrow pointing down to her snatch. The caption? "Enter Here".


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