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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Dumbass News Nominated for Funniest Blog in "Badass Blog Awards"!!! Vote Here!!!

Nominate "Dumbass News" Now!
I have learned that a very popular website, The Indie Chicks is taking nominations for the Badass Blog Awards, 2013 and Dumbass News has been nominated in the "Funniest Blog" category!

There is another category that Dumbass News could also be nominated in - the "Most Likely to Piss People Off Blog".

Here's the deal: I need your help in order to make sure that Dumbass News  makes through the nomination process and into the voting round!

It takes just a minute of your time to fill out the nomination form, so please head on over to The Indie Chicks place and fill out the required information. You'll be asked for the URL to the blog that you are nominating (in this case Dumbass News), so copy and paste this into that little box:
The task of filling out the nomination form is so easy that even a Dumbass can do it.

Real live voting for the Badass Blog Awards, 2013 begins on May 15, so nominate Dumbass News now and do it early and often!Be sure to encourage, and by "encourage" I of course mean "blackmail", each and every Dumbass you know to nominate Dumbass News  for this, er, uh, um, "prestigious" award!

Now get out there and make your Fearless Leader proud!


***Thanks to Becca at 25toFly for the heads up about the Becca is also a Badass Blog Awards Nominee! She's very talented young lady who I'm sure will kick ass in the voting. Good luck, Becca!***

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  1. As a typical low info voter I voted realdumbassnews as funniest blog. Now when do I get my dumbassacare and dumbassaphone?

    1. You'll get your swag as soon as I institute Dumbass Control. Keeping track of you Dumbasses is like herding cats.

      Thanks, Beef! I rally appreciate it!

  2. I have deposited my two cents.

    1. Thank you That two cents is like a million bucks to me. I appreciate it a lot.

  3. Okay...I'm off to give my vote! I'm proud to be a Dumbass!:)

    1. Thank you, Heather! That's the Dumbass Spirit!


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