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Monday, July 29, 2013

Mid Year Dumbass of the Year Contenders - Part 2

Last Friday I gave you Dumbasses a rundown of potential Dumbass of the Year nominees for 2013.

Due to the fact that we bestow the the Fred G. Sanford Memorial "You Big Dummy" Dumbass of the Year Awards in a number of categories, I wanted to be sure to give the breadth and scope of these annual accolades with another list of the contenders for the 2013 Dummies. 

Let us begin.

More Dumbass of the Year Contenders

  • Suffocated by Sweater Puppies - If you were to go back in time through the Dumbass News archives, you would discover that more than one set of Nature's Wonders have been featured on this blog. Out of all the boobs we have written about one and only ONE set of these Fun Bags has been deadly.
  • Dumbass Valentines Day Gift Ideas - Never let it be said that romance doesn't play a major role in the lives of Dumbasses.
  • Dumbasses Hold Memorial Service for Dead Bees - At Dumbass News, we pride ourselves on the fact that we are animal lovers of the highest magnitude. Specifically, we love our animals medium rare. But seriously folks...I am a gardener. As such, I understand the invaluable role that certain creatures play in helping to propagate my crops. I am talking of course of bees. Bees buzzing around, floating on the wind from flower to flower spreading the dust of life from plant to plant. Some people like bees a lot.
  • Kill Your Husband With a Poisoned Vajayjay - This is one of the Greatest Love Stories in the History of Dumbass News. It's the touching tale of a woman who wants to murder her husband, but she loves him enough to let him meet his Maker while gettin' some.
See what you have to look forward to at the end of the year?

The good thing is that we have five more months of this shit before we actually name a winner!

It brings a tear to my eye.



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