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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Dumbasses Hold Memorial Service for Dead Bees!

We have all heard of PETA - People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals - right?

While the basic premise of PETA is a noble one, it is my opinion that the organization is largely loaded with a bunch of Dumbasses. A good example of this Dumbassery can be found in this story about PETA wanting to erect a memorial sign for some fish that were killed when the tanker truck they were being transported in was involved in a traffic accident.

PETA is also against dancing shrimp.

As I have stated many times before, I am all about punishing people who abuse animals. As I have also stated many times before, I am a carnivore. I like to consume properly cooked and prepared animal flesh - cattle chiefly among said mammal meat. Having been born and raised in Texas, I am also a big fan of breaded/battered deep fried yard bird (chicken) and the like. Catfish, crappie and various and sundry other creatures of the water (fried of course) have found their way down my gullet. 

Having said all that, today's story doesn't even involve PETA! Bwahahahahaha! It does, however, involve a little-known (to me) PETA-like Group of Dumbasses. 

Let me splain.

The Bee's Knees   

A couple of weeks ago in Portland, Oregon somebody sprayed a bunch of linden trees with a pesticide designed to kill aphids on the trees.

The pesticide application worked. 

It is also being blamed for the death of 50,000 bees.

Enter the PETA-like Group of Dumbasses (PGD).

I know that the PGD is made up of a bunch of Dumbasses for two reasons:
  1. They are PETA-like.
  2. They held a memorial service for the dead bees!
According to Rozzell Medina, of Portland, said on a Facebook page that the event will "memorialize these fallen lifeforms and talk about the plight of the bees and their importance to life on Earth," The Oregonian reported.

While 50,000 seems like a rather large number of bees, it should be noted that a typical beehive can contain between 5000 and 100,000 of the little critters. 

Unless of course they come into contact with a deadly pesticide. 

But a frakkin' memorial service? For bugs? 

What's next? Wakes for wombats?

I can hardly wait to write about that.


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