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Friday, August 30, 2013

Saggy Pants Trip Up Cell Phone Thief!

Remember a few years ago on American Idol they had an Old Dude on the show and he sang a little diddy called Pants on the Ground? 

Just to refresh your memory:

As it turns out, the singer of the song, General Larry Platt was a Prophet.

There's a Dumbass in New York City named Joel Donaldson whose pants on the ground betrayed him at a most inopportune time.

Let me splain.

Sagged and Bagged

Joel was cruisin' the streets of Brooklyn when he laid eyes on a cell phone that he just couldn't live without.

Unfortunately for Joel, the phone belonged to someone else walking the streets of Brooklyn.
Joel & His New Friends

That didn't matter to Joel, however.

He wanted the phone so bad that he punched the owner, a lady, in the face, snatched it from her and hauled ass.

As Joel was fleeing the scene of the crime, his saggy jeans began to sag a little more. So here he is with a stolen cell phone, running like a scalded dawg and his pants are falling down!

The more he ran, the more his saggy jeans sagged.

Until they fell down to his ankles and he busted his ass on the sidewalk!

To add insult to injury, the spot where Joel wiped out was only two blocks from Brooklyn Criminal Court.

Joel was arrested on the spot.


          Pants on the Ground - 1
          Thieving Asshat - 3 to 5 years.



  1. Nothing warms my heart quite like a dumbass tripped up by his own stupid clothing options. I'll bet he'll also have 'pants on the ground' in prison.

  2. Hahaha! "Cell" will have a new meaning also, won't it?

  3. The bigger dumbass.


  4. Look, you can be a criminal genius, or a fashion leader.

    Not both.

    Or, I suppose you can be neither, like this particular Dumbass.

  5. Proud parenting moment right there
    Not only did mom not teach him to mind the laws she forgot to teach him how to dress...
    Reality is momma did teach him those things but like modt dumbasses he KNEW better

  6. I love these types of dumbass stories! I think all these guys who wear their pants like this need to be arrested. They look like dumbasses!

    1. Right on, Phil! Showing your ass in public (plumbers excluded) should be an arrestable offense.


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