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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Spanish Skyscraper - Stairway (But No Elevator!) to Heaven!

The building in the center of the picture is the Pride of the Town of  Benidorm in Alicante, Spain.

Forty-seven stories of some of the most modern and edgy architecture in the country.

Except for one teensie weensie thing.

Due to corruption in every aspect of its creation, from creating the blueprints for the skyscraper to its hasty and haphazard construction, somebody forgot to include elevator shafts in the design of this jewel.


***Hat Tip to Dumbass DefConMax (@pc1073) on Twitter***


  1. So what you're saying is, this is a hot ticket for renters who are trying to get in shape. Those with heart conditions need not rent above the second floor.

    1. Exactly. Suicidal Dumbasses are urged to inquire within.

  2. can put a bungee cord right in the middle to slingshot the dumbasses to their apartments who rent there!


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