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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Guy Goes to Strip Club. Leaves 3 Year Old Kid in Car Alone!

Best of Dumbass News

I am all about having a good time.

In a former life, that is before Mrs. Fearless Leader threatened to remove my gazebos with a dull, rusty butcher knife, "having a good time" meant beer, tequila and pot. And more beer. And ultimately, if the pot was good, Taco Bell.

Followed by yet more beer.

I don't do that shit anymore, but I have no problem with those that do, given they get fucked up responsibly.

Jordan Caraway did not exercise due diligence when he went out drinking the other night.

Jordan had nothing better to do than babysit his three year old son, so he called up one of his buddies and invited him to go out and have a cold beer.

And see some strippers. 

So they did.

They also took the kid with them.

"But, Fearless Leader," you say, "a three year old kid can't enjoy the virtues of a nice rack and Pole Dancing Professionals in a strip club!"

I respond, "this is true."

Here's the deal....Jordan went into the Jiggle Joint and left his buddy in Jordan's truck to keep an eye on the little boy while The J - Dude went inside to appreciate the fine art of Nekkid Stripper Twerking.

This was a brilliant plan except for a couple of things.
This Guy Put Boobs & Booze Before Babies

  1. No child should be out at one o'clock in the morning under the best of circumstances, much less in a truck with a presumably drunk Dumbass in front of a strip club.
  2. The Drunk Dumbass went into the club and left the three year old kid in the truck alone!
Now while the lure of lapdances and bigguns may be a powerful motivator, it seems to me that the safety and well-being of one's offspring should mitigate such carnal desires - lapdances and bigguns be damned.

Unlike Jordan's and the Drunk Dumbass's mothers, my Mama raised a responsible Drunken Pothead.

My message to all of you Dumbasses of the Male Persuasion is this: if you want to go to the local Ta Ta Tavern, leave the kids at home!

Or bring the strippers to your house.


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