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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Justice: Vermin Sexually Assaults Woman; She Has AIDS

A piece of Human Vermin in England committed an unspeakable crime.

Now he will pay.

In one way or another.

Or both.

Richard Thomas got all fucked up on a shit load of drugs.
Fuck. This. Guy.

He then broke into the house of a woman he knows.

Once inside, this degenerate piece of yak shit raped the poor woman.

Fast forward to Thomas' court appearance with regard to his crime.

There he is standing in a Court of Law when it is revealed to him that the victim he violated in the most horrific way possible has HIV/AIDS.

He fainted.

Karma, motherfucker.

Thomas won't know for the three to six months whether or not he is infected with the disease.

Let's hope for the best. And by "the best" I mean a slow, painful, agonizing death.

Prison is too good for this trash.

Fuck him.



  1. I agree - Karma it's a fucking bitch and for his sake I hope she is there to witness it.

  2. There's an excellent chance that if he doesn't actually have HIV now, he will when he ends his sentence in five years. We can hope.

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. Hey, on the names of the commenters above! They write some GREAT stuff! Also follow their blogs and on Twitter, Facebook, etc. You won't be sorry!

  5. Now, this is Social Justice!

  6. I wish there was a little lever on the side of the human body that could dispense disease or other ravaging factors on a perpetrator when they commit a crime like this, like something Wile E. Coyote would dream up.

    Can you imagine? I'm thinking not only HIV viruses but thumbtacks, ticks and poison ivy.

    1. I like the way you think, Eli!

      Chiggers on the Weenie!

      Dumbasses....go check out Eli's blog! Just click on his name.

      Thanks for the comment and the great email, Eli!

  7. What come aroung goes around. I hope this dumbass has it and dies a horrible death from it. Also, those in prison will also be taking their turns on him. Karma baby!

    1. This would certainly be an effective way to control the prison population.

  8. I thought this was awesome. I covered this dumbass as well. 5 years in prison, then what? He'll come back out and rape again, then potentially spread the virus if he has it. I say this dirtbag should never get to come back out into civilized society.

    1. arodomus is a man wise beyond his years! Click on his name and go follow his blog!

      He is definitely a Dumbass!

      Thanks, Bro!


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