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Friday, November 29, 2013

Weird Job Interview Turns Dumbass Into a Whiny Bitch Boy!

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Unemployment is a bitch.

And not just in the United States.

The rate of joblessness in Wales is, like ours, hovering around 8%. (this is Dumbass News' FIRST ever story from Wales!)

With so many people out of work and so few jobs available, when a company announces that it is hiring locals rush to interviews like Miley Cyrus twerking a married man's junk - vigorously and with great fervor.

Thus begins the Search for Meaningful Employment for Alan Bacon.

The Application Process

Curry's is a retailer in Wales similar to Best Buy here in the U S.

Curry's got the word out that they would be interviewing prospective employees.

Alan, a recent film school graduate, jumped at the opportunity.

Or rather, he danced at the opportunity.

Allow the NY Post to elucidate. 

Having spent a week preparing for the job and ready to talk about his love of astronomy, he was caught off-guard when the applicants were taken to a back room and told to dance in front of the crowd.
“Everyone initially thought it was a joke,” said Mr Bacon, who has recently graduated from film school and dreams of making science documentaries.
“I just felt so embarrassed and uncomfortable. I ended up dancing to ‘Around the World’ by Daft Punk, doing rubbish robotics in my suit in front of a group of strangers.
“I told my dad it was like a scene out of ‘The Office.’ I would have walked out but I need a job,” Bacon told the BBC.
This got me to thinkin'.
What I'm Thinkin'  
  • What exactly is a "Group Interview"?
  • Is it like "Group Sex"?
  • Group Twerking?
  • "...dreams of making science documentaries..."
  • Is a College Degree in "Science Documentary-Making" as useful as a College Degree in Liberal Arts?
  • Does Curry's actually have a Science Documentary- Making Department?
  • Better yet, does Curry's have a Liberal Arts Department?
  • If a potential employer asked me to dance as part of a job interview, I'd tell him to go suck a Big Green Swamp Donkey Penis.
  • Unless I was drunk.
  • But I don't drink.
  • So suck it, Hoss.
  • "Embarrassed"?
  • "Uncomfortable"?
  • You would have left, but you "need a job"?
  • A job is more important than your self-respect?
  • You danced anyway though?
  • I am certain that the front door at Curry's has a small sign on it that reads "Exit".
  • Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.
  • Alan's first "Science Documentary" should be on "How to Grow a Pair".
  • For himself.
  • You are a pussy, Alan.


  1. I would have told them to go eff themselves and walked out! Not worth losing dignity over.

    1. No shit!

      I have NEVER needed a job so bad that I'd become a pussy for it. And there were times when I was so poor that a bologna sammich tasted like a T-Bone.

  2. You can't blame the guy for doing whatever was necessary to secure gainful employment, but daaamnn....


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