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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Dumbass Sports Headlines!

Welcome, Ladies and Gentlemen, to the Worldwide Leader in Dumbass Sports! 

We did not become the Number 1 Dumbass Sports Site in the Known Universe by accident.


We became the Number 1 Dumbass Sports Site in the Known Universe by default!

Honestly, do you really think that there is another Dumbass out there who actually gives a shit about Dumbass Sports such as The North American Wife Carrying Championships

Or The Event Formerly Known as the Redneck Olympic Games?

Hell. No!

We're Number 1 (by default)! We're Number 1 (by default)!

Dumbass Sports Headlines

Pron On the Linx!

The Result of Two Guys Acing the Same Hole

Who Says Baseball Isn't a Physical Sport?

How Careless of Him


Ball Control

Headless Horseman of Notre Dame

Not Quite Measuring Up

Monica, Is That You?



  1. Wow. I don't know what to say. This is AWESOME! And how many people were fired from the newsroom after these gems slipped through the editing process?

    1. Thank you, Nicole!

      I found a headline about a guy who got a position as a Head Football Coach for some high school. Along with a photo of the Coach's lovely teen age daughter was this headline: "Daughter Happy that Dad Got Head Job".

      You can't make this shit up.

  2. The New York Post is the official newspaper of dumbasses everywhere!

  3. Seeing headlines like that gives me hope for my writing career... If those things could get published, then my dumb ass stuff should get published too.

  4. One of the "perks" to writing headlines like these is that you (obviously) get to drink on the job.

    Speaking of writing.....Dumbasses, Young dj here is a fine writer. Click on his name and go check out his blog. Good stuff over there.


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