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Thursday, January 23, 2014

More Dumbass Man Cave Decor Ideas: Dumbass Man Cave Signs!

Dumbass News' recent post on Dumbass Man Cave Decor Ideas has taken The Blogosphere by storm!

Dumbass News' TwitterPinterest and Facebook timelines have literally exploded with Retweets, Re-Pins and Shares!

Tens of you actually took enough time from slammin' down likker like a $2 whore sucking the chrome off a trailer hitch/smoking a blunt and/or crack cocaine/eating a bag of week old Cheetos in Mom's basement/texting on your iPhone while bumpin' uglies to read this shit.

I love you!

In a Fearless Leader kind of way.

Being a Man About Town and leading an entire Dumbass Horde are not the only Elite Qualities I posses.

I also have an Eye for Art. 

Redneck Art specifically.

Falling into the larger Redneck Art Category is the Redneck Art Sub-Category of Dumbass Man Cave Decor Ideas.

Imagine that.

Anyway....while our recent post on Fearless Leader Recommended and Approved Man Cave Interior Decorating was undoubtedly one of the finer art posts you have read in quite some time (at least since your last visit to, my highly tuned skills of observation and an eyeball trained to recognize fine art detected that there was a certain "something" missing from the photos we displayed in the post - Dumbass Man Cave Signs! 

Being a benevolent, caring and all that shit Fearless Leader, and a Common Sewer of Redneck Art, how could I not pass along to you my expertise on Man Cave Design?

I couldn't, so I shall.

Dumbass Man Cave Signs

Welcome Mat

The Law


Fun & Games!

Customer Service

What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Fill 'er Up!

Safety First
Do the Math




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