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Thursday, January 2, 2014

More Dumbass of the Year Awards! Best Dumbass Newspaper Headline of 2013!

Dumbass Newspaper Headlines go back to the infancy of this blog, with the first edition of DNH being published on November 16, 2010.

Things took off from there and they have been the most popular feature on Dumbass News for over three years now.

I have no idea why I didn't think of a Dummy Award specifically dedicated to Dumbass Newspaper Headlines until a few days ago, but I didn't. 

Oh, wait! 

do know why.

I am a Dumbass!

That's why!

Top Dumbass Newspaper Headlines of 2013 

"Marque Dos Para Espanol...Press 3 for Lost Language..."

ObamaCare in Action!

Research to Take Place in Gulf of Tennessee

For Noxious Fumes I Recommend Some L.L. Bean-O

If You Live Through Taking This Cure, It's a Miracle!

Who. Gives. A. Fuck.

That's Gonna Leave a Mark

Plug 'Em Up

And the Best Dumbass Newspaper Headline for 2013 iiiissssssssss........

Prison Bitches Everywhere Celebrate!



  1. I really think there are just not enough awards for all the Dumbassery we see every year!

    1. You are so right, Phil!

      Maybe I should do something like "Dumbass of the Week" and at the end of the year have the Dumbass Horde vote on their favorites in each category. Maybe even have some "Dumbass News" T-shirts made up to give away to voters.

      I mean, hell, who wouldn't want to walk around wearing a shirt that features the "Dumbass News" logo with the caption: "I Am a Dumbass" printed on it?


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