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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

1st Dumbass Newspaper Headlines of 2014!

Many of our thousands upon thousands of New Dumbasses have not consumed the ecstasy that is Dumbass Newspaper Headlines.

I think it is time to remedy this Travesty of Dumbassery right now!

For the benefit of the latest dipshits numbskulls Einsteins Children of God who have joined the Dumbass Horde, please note that these are actual headlines from actual newspapers from all over the country.

As someone who tightropes the razor's edge between insanity and genius, even I can't make this shit up. 


Cannibal Road Kill

Subway Profits Nosedive

And This Is Just French Wimmin

Monica Lewinsky Hit Hardest

Creepy-ass Crack

Camel Taints Neglected

No Gag Reflex

So I've Heard

Glo-ball Warming?

Wait'll You Hear What they Have Planned for UrPeePee


***See More at Buzz Feed***


  1. Old media may have gone digital, but they kept the same old Dumbasses that put them in the dire straits in the 1st place.

    Never change, MSM.

    1. MSM changes and I lose a copious amount of material.

  2. LOL! Love these. I'm surprised the NY Post is not the dumbass headline leader!

    1. Maybe I can find a shitload of NYP headlines and do a series of them!

  3. LOL... they do that on purpose, yanno.


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