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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Animal Rights Guys: "Let's Do a Felony to Free the Deer!" Woops! No Deer Here!"

Best of Dumbass News

Today we'll explore the world of Dumbass Animal Rights Activists.

In a recent post, I made my stance clear on "animal rights", whatever the fuck that is. However, the "animal rights activists" in this case, who are nothing more than Dumbasses with too much time on their hands, are soon-to-be prison bitches.

Leon, Adopted Felon of Dumbass News, looks forward to meeting you idiots.

Deer Animal Rights Asshats

Here's the deal: 

This guy in Oregon, Richard Bentley, raises Fallow deer for their meat. There's such a place about ten minutes from where I live. These Fallow deer look like they'd make excellent deerburgers.

Deer Burger-in-Waiting
But I digress.

So this Bentley guy raises these Fallow deer and guess what? A bunch of pussy "animal rights activists" decide that Mr. Bentley is a menace to society and since the law won't do anything about the travesty of legally raising Fallow deer, they will!

So what do these Socialists "Free the Fallow Deer" (!) Assholes decide to do? Hint: they decide not to build a campfire, sing "Kumbaya" and eat bean sprouts. They do, however, decide to potentially ruin Mr. Bentley's livelihood (and deer burgers) by removing a large section of his fence hoping that the deer will escape into the wild and be free!

But the joke is on them!

These are tame deer and  there were no deer on the property! bwahahahaha!!! The sad thing is that was also no property owner with a 12 gauge shotgun to greet these dumbasses with proper hospitality.

Due Process

The moral to the story is that if any of these Save the Animals Sissies come onto your property illegally, shoot them in the ass with a shotgun shell full of rock salt.

Or greet them with a Louisville Slugger to the skull.

But in being hospitable to these Dumbasses, remember to offer them a hot dog.

Or a deerburger.



  1. Fallow deer 1, Animal Liberation Front 0.


  2. Several years ago a couple of WLPARA's (probably from this same group) came through our area and released around a thousand mink from a mink ranch in the town I grew up in.

    1. I remember a story like that! Didn't almost all the mink freeze to death or become lunch for wolves or something?

    2. LOL . . . no, mink can handle cold just fine. They got all that fur, yanno?

      Surprisingly enough, they managed to live trap quite a number of them. In total maybe 200-some got away. So after all these years we have somewhat of a mink population around here. Local trappers still catch a few here and there.

  3. These are the same dumbasses that wear leather coats, belts, and shoes while protesting for animal rights. Idiots!

    1. Those cattle didn't die purposely - they became burgers, and steak, too.

  4. Purposelessly, danGIT.

    Dumbass Emeritus, indeed.


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