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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Lady Gives Restaurant Bad Review; Rest. Owner Starts Porn Site in Reviewer's Name!

Best of Dumbass News

From HuffPo via the Ottawa Citizen:


Let's play "Make Believe".

Let's pretend that you are a restaurant owner and you give what a customer decides is lousy service and a sub par meal. That's the customer's right. It is also the right of the customer in question to post an online review of said lousy service and meal.

What would you do in such a case?                              
Marisol Simoes - Dumbass Bidness Owner/Sex Web Site Pro

I know what Marisol Simoes did.

She created a profile of the customer on a sex site!

Nothing good can come of this as Ms. Simoes learned.

The hard way.

The Dish

Marisol owns a couple of "trendy" restaurants in Ottawa.

Elayna Katz is the customer who spilled the beans on the crummy service and some black olives she didn't want on a pasta dish she ordered.

Marisol took exception to the bad press.

So, like any good bidness owner, Marisol sought revenge!


According to HuffPo, "Marisol Simoes, the owner of two trendy eateries in Ottawa, Canada, created a fake sex site profile of a customer who wrote negative online reviews of Simoes' Mambo restaurant. The 42-year-old restaurateur also pretended to be the customer in lewd emails sent to the customer's bosses that said she was a “tiger in the bedroom” who was transgender and who liked group sex, according to the Ottawa Citizen."

Wouldn't an apology and a free meal have been a much better idea?

And as it turns out, much cheaper, too. 

Katz took Simoes to court.

Court Battle

It appears as though Marisol was too fucking stoopid to know that are ways of getting caught doing malicious shit like this and that they are ways to trace your IP address!

The cops traced the IP addy used to set up the sex site profile to Simoes, a legal battle ensued and Marisol Simoes was found guilty of some serious libel charges.

She is due to be sentenced in November.

HuffPo tells us “It’s slightly ironic that the one thing [Simoes] was trying to avoid was the one thing that came out of all of this,” Katz told the Ottawa Citizen, referring to how much media attention the trial has attracted, compared to that of the original reviews.

I told you that an apology and a free meal would have been a better approach.

By the waythe name of one of Marisol's eateries?


How apropos.



  1. The vengeful Simone was sentenced to 90 days in jail, served 5, and was released pending appeal. I couldn't find any newer updates than that.

    However, the search terms *marisol simoes appeal* bring this very blog as the first result!

  2. A free meal likely followed by another crappy review wouldn't be the best course of action either.

    1. Another crappy review would have been followed by another porn site! #Winning

  3. It would appear that the Fwench-Canuckistani's take the dissing of their food as seriously as their Fwench cousins do.

    1. Is it just me or does she look like a slightly rode hard relative of Celione Dion?

      And what kind of weight does she have dangling off that hoop earring that's tipping her head over like that?

  4. Geez, I better watch out how I write my Yelp reviews!

  5. Wow. Not exactly the most brilliant thing one can do over a negative review.

  6. Dishing out revenge isn't as easy as it sounds, kids..


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