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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

You & Me, A Blogging Team: A Dumbass Idea That Just Might Work!

Hello, Dumbass Horde!

I have an idea that could be BIG! 

My Big Idea could potentially relieve some financial stress on all of us who blog.

This is not a "get rich quick" scheme, but it is a realistic opportunity that could put a little extra chump change in our pockets every once in a while, or if you blog on an ad-free format like the free version of Wordpress, a great chance to pick up new readers from your Fellow Bloggers.

Here's the Deal

I follow and share dozens of blogs every day.

I'm sure that you do the same.

I was thinking that if I created a blog that would feature some of these blogs every day, that together you and I could enter into a blogging relationship that would be mutually beneficial.

For instance, this blog is ad supported, but I ain't exactly gettin' rich off of it.

That's OK.

Kind of.

My main purpose for writing Dumbass News over the last three and a half years has been for the fun of being creative and to make you laugh. Or gag as the case may be.

Now it's time to start rakin' in the Big Bucks. 

Or even  more Not So Big Bucks

Dumbass News has grown exponentially over the last year, picking up almost three hundred thousand new readers, and I am very grateful for each and every one of them.

According to the blog ranking service Alexa, this blog typically lands somewhere between Number 1,000,000 and 1,500,000 in the World. Considering that I post only once a day, that's pretty damned impressive.

That said, I am not so full of myself that whatever measure of success Dumbass News has attained, that I am the Be All and End All of the Blogosphere. I could write Funny Shit all day long, but without somebody (you!) to read it, I'd simply be feeding the monkey to watch him shit.

Anyway.....I think it's time to Dumbass News to the next level and with it, your blog too.

Together we can realize this goal. 

If you would like for your blog to be featured on Friends of Dumbass News (or whatever the name of the new blog will be, if things pan out), please leave me a comment or email me with the URL of your blog and a statement of consent to use your blogging material, so I can proceed accordingly with this endeavor.

Email: realdumbassnews AT gmail DOT com.

Here's How Things Will Work (Beta)

On Friends of Dumbass News (or whatever), I would write a short intro to the story you submit, excerpt a small portion of your post then link over to your blog!


I firmly believe that if our Merry Band of Bloggers come together that we will, at the very least, all see more page views and comments on our blogs and, if applicable, a little more in the way of blog earnings.

Please remember that I am writing this off the top of my head and I am sure that there will be other logistics to work out, so as of this writing, Friends of Dumbass News (or whatever) is an idea and a work in progress. Nothing is yet written in stone.

I may need at least one more Administrator to help me handle this project, I just don't know for sure yet. At the bare minimum, I would have to make a list of "Authors", create a password so you can submit a post for me to publish, etc, etc., etc.

I firmly believe that if we work as a Team of Dumbassesdiligently share each other's work through the plethora of social media available to us and read and comment on each other's sites, that we can dramatically increase the number of eyeballs that find their way to our respective blogs.

Isn't that what we all want, more eyeballs?

I am absolutely certain that I have left some questions unanswered.

It is at this point that I need your input.

Please tell me what you think. I am open to any and all questions, criticism, ideas and suggestions.

Light up the comments or make my email inbox smoke like a Cheech & Chong doobie!

I look forward to seeing what's on your mind!

Team Work Makes the Dream Work.


Fearless Leader of the Dumbass Horde


  1. Sounds like a good idea to me, and you can count me in.
    Feel free to grab any of the posts from the Kingdom that you like and want to feature, or email me ( and I'll write up something new for the new site. Awesome.

  2. Thanks, dj!

    You are one of the people I thought of when I came up with this idea.

  3. Sounds like a great plan

    think my rants may be helpful
    let me know what I can do to help

    1. well I didn't follow directions very well did I ~ you wanted an email !
      blame it on the titantic teas I had at lunch today LOL

    2. Great, Lady Bren!

      It'll take me a few days to set up the website like I want it to be, then I'll make an announcement as to a start date.

      You are now added to the list of "Friends"!

      I look forward to reading what you have to say!

  4. Sounds like a frigging awesome idea! Let me know if you want me in the mix.

    1. You are definitely in, Michael!

      Thanks, man!

      Stay tuned for further details. It'll be a few days at least.

  5. As long as I don't have to pay to play or wash your dirty underwear, I'm in.

    1. You were Number 1 on the List!

      Thanks for everything you do in supporting "Dumbass News".

  6. I like this idea a lot!! when you were talking about Cheech and Chings doobie....all I kept thinking about was there Van that has smoke billowing out of it and everybody on the streets was getting stoned because of the smoking van. ...good times!! Anyway...I think this is a great idea. I am definitely with the fellow person up above that as long as I don't have to wash anyone's dirty underwear...then I am in! I must warn you in advance though....I am really, and truly an OFFICIAL dumbass. I can't even figure out twitter!! It makes me crazy. So you might have to walk me through some things. The brain just doesn't work as good as it used to. I'm gettin old fearless... an Old Vagina!! O.O.

    1. Yay!

      I am still working on the logistics of exactly how I want to do this. The idea came off the top of my head without much forethought and/or planning.

      Several people have signed up, so we are off and running!

      Stay tuned!

  7. Um....I must say though....I was a little crushed when I noticed that I wasn't your first choice. I mean...I get it...I really do! If I had to choose anybody, I would be my LAST choice too. believe me!! ;) But seriously...thanks for thinking of me. I appreciate it and i think this could really be a great thing.

    1. Other than my Heather, you were the first vagina I thought of when this idea came about.

      There's always that. :D

  8. ;) Thanks!! You are surrounded by heather's now!! Kind of like that movie from the 80's The Heather's. well....not at all like that actually...but yeah. Thanks for always supporting The vagina page and sharing my crap. You're the best!! <3

  9. I'm not sure my current level of productivity would allow me to make a worthwhile contribution, but I'd have no problem having you use my material. I'm always happy to help you out, you know that.

    1. Thank you, Hook!

      When you can get some time, let me know. You are always welcome to share your amazing talent with the Dumbass Horde!


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