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Thursday, March 20, 2014

500,000 Page Views & The Dumbasses Keep A-comin'!

As I write this at 10:26 AM, EDT, Dumbass News accomplished a major milestone.

A. Half. Million. Page. Views.

Five. Hundred. Thousand.


I don't know what to say.

Except thank you!

It was barely a year ago, March 5, 2013 to be exact, that I wrote a post extolling the fact that we had just gone over 150,000 hits.

A couple of months later, we surpassed 200,000 page views. 

It took us two and a half years to get to 200,000.

Here we are ten months later, and Dumbass News has garnered another three hundred thousand pairs of eye balls.

I'd Like to Thank the "Dumbass Horde"...

I want to give a big Fearless Leader Head Up the Ass Salute to you, The Dumbass Horde, for going above and beyond the Call of Dumbassery in making Dumbass News the World's Go-to Source for Stoopididity.

Thank you.


  1. YAAAAAY! Congratulations!! I feel honored to be a part of the Dumbass Horde! I really do...So does my Vagina! um...that didn't sound right!

    1. Thanks, Heather!

      We are proud to have you (and your vagina) as a member of the Dumbass Horde!

  2. Nobody does stoopid like you do stoopid. And I don't need to splain that comment!

    Congratulations. Here's to breaking a million before you break a sweat.

    1. Wow! Thanks, Elyse!

      What a cool thing to say!

      Here's to breaking a million before I break down!


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