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Monday, March 3, 2014

A Pictorial Salute to Dumbass Ingenuity!

"Give a Dumbass a few beers and he becomes a fucking genius" - Fearless Leader

If you thought Dumbass Man Cave Decor Ideas (Part 1 here) (Part 2 here) was on the Cutting Edge of Dumbass Innovation, just wait until you get a load of this shit!

Fountain by Wal Mart

Dumbass Bungee Cords, a.k.a. Duct Tape

Promoting Safety & Efficiency on the Job with a Dumbass Hands-Free Phone 

Dumbass Mausoleum 

Dumbass Measuring Tape Ensures Compliance with Fishing Regulations

Luxury Chicken Coop (Also "Dumbass Meals on Wheels")

Opulent Dumbass Ski Resort Honeymoon Suite

Dumbass Catamaran 

Evinrude Jacuzzi

Fearless Leader's Well Equipped Work Space



  1. Looks like you've found a couple of my relatives. ;)


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