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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Dumbass "House For Sale" Signs & Ads!

At Fearless Leader/Dumbass News Enterprises Amalgamated, we pride ourselves in being a diversified corporate entity.

I made that diversified corporate entity shit up .

The only "diversity" we care about at Fearless Leader/Dumbass News Enterprises Amalgamated is making fun of Dumbasses of all races, creeds, colors and sexual orientations.

If we haven't written anything that offends you, please let us know and we'll try harder.

Today's target: Realtors

And they felt the need to put this sign up why?

The lease agreement has a "Santa Clause".

This must be at the head of the class.

A gay old time!

Redneck version of "location, location, location!"

Only 28?
Hottest house on the market!

Cul de sack?

Entertainment value.

Next door to the house with the huge dick? (see ad above)



  1. I hope the house with the big dick also can accommodate my 28 cats.

    1. That's a lot of pussy for one dick.

      Even a big dick.

  2. Man, too bad the house where I could see Wal-Mart is taken. I could just imagine those nights of sipping wine from a box and eating pork rinds and bean dip, all while basking in the distant glow of the 24 hour Wally World!

    1. For camping out with the family, you could drive your 30 year old RV to the Wal Mart parking lot and have at it!

    2. Y'all go check out Chris' blog - "Life Your Way!"


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