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Monday, March 10, 2014

Snarkfest In The Drawer!

Teri from Snarkfest comes out with both barrels blazin' with her first post at That Drawer In the Kitchen!

Hey I'm new to That Drawer in the Kitchen and this is my first post, so be gentle. I'm very sensitive. Excuse
me for just one second.....


Ok I'm back. For my first post I thought I'd introduce you to my oldest daughter, 16. She just took the SAT's this past weekend. She has taken them before and that's what I'm going to be telling you about. You see, both of my kids are pretty smart. I'm not bragging like they're 'oooh I'm gonna cure cancer before I'm 18' smart, but they can hold their own.

When 16 was just 12 years old, she was invited to participate in the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth program. She went online and took some tests and answered some questions and was offered a few different classes. One of the things they invited her to do was to take the SAT's. At age 12.  Very cool for her, also very scary, since she'd be taking the test with lots of high school kids in a town where she didn't know any of the high school kids. Pretty nerve-wracking for a 12 year old, right?

Read the rest here.....

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