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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Dumbasses at "Long Awkward Pause" Let Me Do a Guest Post!

Rarely do I ever refer to other bloggers as Dumbasses in a less than flattering light.


At this moment, I find myself in the position of doing just that.

Why would I disparage another blog? Especially a blog that had a much larger audience than Dumbass News? (They could ruin me! Not that it would take much effort to do that, but still....)

Because they are fucking idjits! That's why!

When I see something that is about as worthwhile as a cocaine-addled spitwad, it is incumbent upon me to point it out.

That's what I do here. In case you haven't noticed.

Cocaine-adled spitwad is the only way I can refer to the dipsticks at Long Awkward Pause

They may be funny as hell over there, but they ain't real bright.

The reason?

They lost momentary control of their faculties and actually ASKED ME to write a Guest Post!

So, I did - featuring Dumbass Newspaper Headlines!


Read it here...


  1. I really need to start reading the newspapers you read!

    Spreading the seeds of dumbassery everywhere I see!

    1. LMFAO!

      I have a whole Network of Dumbass News Stringers in 175 countries around the world!

  2. nice, yo! nice! heading over...


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