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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Bic Lighter: Dumbass Natural Gas Leak Locator! Splodey Dope Video Included!

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From the day Man first found that a spark from a piece of flint directed at a dry bundle of kindling or grass would start a fire, Human Kind was changed forever.

Man made heat was born.

So was the phrase "medium rare".

Despite the obvious benefits of staying warm during the deep freeze of winter (and grilling a Brontosaurus burger for supper), fire has not always been kind to human beans. See: Chicago; Mrs. O'Malley's cow and the lantern.

See also; flaming snakes and blow torch spider removal

Flamin' up the Ole Zippo while vapors from your meth-making chemicals linger in the air in your house ain't such a good idea either.

Dumbass Natural Gas Leak Locator

Searching for a natural gas leak with a Bic Lighter?

While this is a highly efficient method of locating an explosive fume, it is also, well, highly explosive!

See for your self:

I think he found the gas leak.



  1. Don't forget lighting farts. There's some pretty epic U-Toob's out there.

    1. Oooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!

      Thanks for the idea, Kev!

  2. You look at people like this and wonder how humanity has survived as long as it has...

  3. I think this is the epitome of dumbassery!

    1. As far as being a Stoopid Motherfucker goes, this ranks very near the top of the Stoopid Motherucker Scale.

  4. First thing out of my mouth: FOUND IT! There it is, right there.


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