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Monday, April 14, 2014

Dumbass Science: Lab-Grown Vajayjays!

Dear Mom: you may NOT want to read this!


I have written about it on several occasions.

Just because I am a Dumbass doesn't mean that I ain't curious about the World (and shiny objects) around me.

Anyway....I don't write about Stoopid Shit Science, like e = mc². That boring claptrap and other who-gives-a-damn science-y horse hockey was discovered through research, observation, experimentation, using mathematics and following something called The Scientific Method. 

Who friggin' cares?

I write about The Science That Matters to Dumbasses. 

You cow farts and the Gubmint's desire to designate them as Greenhouse Gasses.

Or how cussing can be beneficial to Dumbasses around the globe.

Looking into the effects of Taco Bell on the Neuro Science of Dumbassery intrigues me as well.

An informed Fearless Leader is an effective Fearless Leader.

As such, I can more adequately and thoroughly spread the Gospel of St. Jim Bob, Patron Saint of Dumbasses, Rednecks and Non-Yankees, beyond the scope of the Lost Souls in the 177 countries on Earth that have already been edified by the life-altering content found on Dumbass News.

Today's topic will undoubtedly be one with which the Overwhelming Majority of Male Dumbasses are unfamiliar - vaginas. It is a sad but indisputable fact that most of the Dumbasses of the XY Chomosome Crowd wouldn't know a vagina if it walked up and bit them on the weenie. A Biting Vagina is, however, another story for another day. A story we shall no doubt come across in due time, I'm sure.


Lab-Grown Vaginas, on the other hand are here!


Lab-Grown Vagina Technician Hard at Work

Yep, Scientistic Dumbass Doctors at Wake Forest University have come to the rescue of The Vagina-less by growing vaginas in a laboratory!  

This represents a major advancement in raising the quality of life for women (or baby girls) who were born with a condition called MRKH. I won't go into detail here, so click the preceding link to get up to speed.

My reasons for bringing up Lab-Grown Vaginas are manifold.

And purely out of Intellectual Curiosity.

  • What will LGVs mean to Non LGVs?
  • Will Lab-Grown Vaginas be regulated by the Gubmint?
  • Will they be covered by ObamaCare? 
  • Can Lab-Grown Biting Vaginas be far behind?
  • If there's an eruption of LGBV attacks on unsuspecting penises around the country, can LGBVs be held criminally liable?
  • Could this lead to Nationwide LGBV Control and/or Registration?
  • When LGBVs are outlawed, only Outlaws will have LGBVs.
  • Now only if these Scientistic Dumbass Doctors at Wake Forest could come up with a Big Brass Pair for our Duly Elected/Appointed Dumbasses in Washington, D.C..
  • God knows that very few of them have any balls.
  • Except Hillary Clinton.
  • Even though she's not there anymore.
  • I don't like her, but you gotta admit, the bitch has balls.
  • And probably a Non Lab-Grown Biting Vajayjay.
  • I think I just threw up in my mouth a little.


  1. Plug 'n Play vajayjays?

    Trannies must be thrilled!

    And just wait 'til the technology becomes as simple as 3D printing - then everyone can do it:

    1. Camp Plug N Play for Trannies!

      LMFAO @ "Fresh Vaggies"

  2. This frightens me.

    1. This could lead to Lab-Grown Feminine Hygiene problems.

  3. I don't even know what to say...

  4. And yet these dumbasses can't find a cure for cancer?

  5. Can I trade my non-biting vajayjay for a biting one? Biting's fun!


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