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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Dumbass Kodak Moments: Accidental Sexy Photos!

My Friend, Funky Old Dude and Birding Fool Bob Zeller is an award-winning photographer.

Bob has won accolades from some very prestigious magazines and photo-centric organizations from all over the country.

He is that good.

Bob also has an outstanding blog, Texas Tweeties, of many of his birding photos.

While Bob makes things look easy, he actually puts a shit load of time, effort, energy and Egg McMuffins into making what could be an ordinary photograph into a work of art.

Bob has many years of being a Professional Photographer under his belt, I'll bet that he'll be the first to admit that luck and timing often come into play when getting an amazing photo.

Speaking of luck and timing when taking photos......

Sometimes even the most amateur photographer can capture the Perfect Image with nothing more than luck and timing on his side.


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