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Friday, May 9, 2014

Dumbass Mothers Day Gifts, Part Too!

Welcome, Dumbasses to Part 2 of the Dumbass Guide to Mothers Day Gifts!

Yesterday we had some dandy gift ideas for the Mom
in your basement-dwelling life.

In the spirit of being as exhaustive as possible in our search for the perfect present for Mom on her day, today we bring to you some, shall we say, "unique" gift item suggestions for your Mama.

Our focus this fine Friday will be on kitchen accessories, gizmos that simply and/or enhance the consumption of adult libations and pet-related products.

Let us begin, shall we?

I don't know about you, but my Mom and my Wife (who also happens to be a Mother) are very good cooks. Both of them are very fond of kitchen utensils that simply the meal making process. Cooking time is a very important part of preparing supper for the family. Under- or over-cooked food can ruin a nice family meal, so why not make things easier for Mom with this:

A Stylish Pizza Clock!  

Now what Dumbass Mom wouldn't like this?

Is your Mom a pet lover who likes to give little doggie rub downs to Fido, but Fido has a disgusting habit of slobbering like a pot head at a Pizza (Clock!) Buffet? Weeelllll fear not! Mamacita can eliminate those pesky canine-to-human bean-transmitted life threatening disease germs with....

Dog Slobber Hand Sanitizer!  

For the Mother who is everything from a I Like to Have a Nip From Time to Time to a Full-Blown Otis Campbell Town Drunk Lush, how about one of these handy little numbers?

Mom can show off her taste for Barley Pop with this Beer Can Bracelet Charm!

For the Matriarch that believes that "one's too many and six ain't enough", a great gift would be a refillable 6 Pack Bear Belt!  

Once Mom is three sheets to the wind, she can wind by dancing around (hopefully without falling on her ass and breaking a femur bone or obliterating her spleen) with a nifty device that not only blasts out her favorite
Heavy Metal Anger Music stored on a USB Thumb Drive, but doubles as a shot glass!                            


I know that Fearless Mom would be thrilled to receive any of these extremely popular Dumbass Mothers Day Gifts! And by "extremely popular" I of course mean cheap ass Chinese made pieces of yak poop.       

Surprise your Mom today!                                                                                                                             


  1. Must have the pizza clock and the beer can charm!! The pizza clock looks so real!! You are one heck of a man who knows what a woman really wants! Gracias a Dios for hombres como tu! Espero que lo pass bien con tu Mamacita y tu esposita este fin de semana! :) :)

    1. Gracias, Brick!

      Happy Mothers Day to you & Mami!


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