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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Chinese Beat Deadline for No New Graves by Killing Themselves Early!

I have been railing against ObamaCare since the beginning.

It's a terrible idea.

Even Dumbass News- approved Doctors have chimed in on this Health Care Clusterfuck.

On paper and in theory, it looks and sounds good, but somebody's got to pay for that shit. On top of that, when the Gubmint runs something it is inevitably a disaster. Here are a few examples of what I mean.

Over in Communist Red China they have a Gubmint-run health care system too - cradle to grave coverage for over a billion Chinamen.

Well, that's not exactly true. The "cradle" part is accurate, it's the "grave" part that ain't up to snuff.

Let me splain.

Recently, the HCIC (Head Commies In Charge) realized that as a large number of over a billion people start to die off, land for graveyards was becoming scarce.

So the HCIC implemented a policy that as of a certain date, the Communist Red Chinese Gubmint would no longer provide graves for dead people. Cremation would be the new official policy for the Dead Chinamen of the Future. 
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Therein lies the problem.

For cultural and religious reasons many Chinese Dumbasses are opposed to cremation. I am not exactly sure what these cultural and religious reasons are because a) I am not Chinese and b) I have never discussed religion with a Red Communist Chinese Guy.

I do know, however, that many Chinese people consider cremation to be a Big No Way, Jose.

That taken into account, many, and by many I mean 40 bazillion, Chinese of a Culturally and Religiously Sensitive Nature have found a surefire way to beat the No More Graves in the Ground deadline.


Yep, scores of Chinese of a Culturally and Religiously Sensitive Nature have guaranteed themselves a grave in the ground by committing Harry Carrey before the No More Graves in the Ground Deadline!

This notion of the Self-Inflicted Big Adios is eerily similar to the stipulation in ObamaCare that affects millions of terminally ill and elderly Americans. This is known as the If You Want Your Untimely and Preventable Death You Can Keep Your Untimely and Preventable Death Clause, or in the vernacular, "The Big Fuck You, Peasant Clause". 

Over half the country voted for Barry Soetero and, by extension this shit sandwich. Let's just hope that they are "Culturally and Religiously Sensitive".

Now don't get your Gubmint Subsidized Panties in a wad - that's a joke.

Kind of.


***Hat Tip to s2 & Mail Online ***


  1. How much do you want to bet that even if they kiss off early and by that I mean suicide, they will still be cremated? You know cause communist...

  2. Now, that would Wong, Zoe G.

    Just. Wong.

  3. That does not surprise me in a culture where tradition and values are so very important! WOW! Here in the US, we love ourselves too much to do this. :)

    1. Want in on my High Rise Cemetery scheme, I mean venture?


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