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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Dumbass Assaults Brother w/Pot Plant!

We have discovered and reported on an endless stream of Dumbass News stories about pot. Weed. The Herb Superb. Reefer. Marijuana.

  • Truck load of pot crashing and passersby gathering up the spilled weed? Check.
  • Buying pot online and having it shipped to your house via the U. S. Mail? Yep.
  • How about a lawyer reaching into his shirt pocket for something and a joint falls out. In the courtroom! We've got that too.
There are many other Dumbass News stories in which pot is a major player, but none of them even come close to today's Marijuana Melodrama.

Let me splain.

A couple of brothers (siblings, not Negroes) got into a verbal altercation.

As the disagreement escalated, one of the Brothers began to beat the shit out of the other one.
Dumbass Assault Weapon

With marijuana plants!

As a Former Professional Pot Smoker, it is my Expert Opinion that:

  1. Taking a "hit" does not include getting smacked up side the skull wit a cannabis plant.
  2. "Bong" is not one of those cheesy sound effects cartoon bubbles from the old Batman TV show.
  3. An Assault Marijuana Plant is not a blunt object.
  4. The Brother doing the beat down with the pot plant does however meet the definition of a Weed Whacker.

***Hat tip Fox News ***


  1. Ha,ha! Brilliantly written, amigo!! Perfect puns! You are a clever one! :)

  2. He needs to mellow man...peace

  3. Hooray for puns! The only good thing to come out of this story...


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