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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Dumbass Texting Fun!

Best of Dumbass News


I do it.

You do it.

Mrs. Fearless Leader does it.

All God's chillun be texting.

I am a Great and Benevolent Fearless Leader, but I suck at texting.

There are other Dumbasses who suck at texting even more than me.

This is a phenomenon known as I Suck Swamp Donkey Ass at Texting Disorder.

Following are several excellent examples of Texting Swamp Donkey Ass Suckage: (Maybe NSFW)

Your Right. You're*

Poor Dan

Only the Lonely

Busted - In More Ways Than One


Double Dumbass On Mom

Such a Nice Young Man

15 Minutes 'til Mommy Time

Dick Dock

Vitamin D


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