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Monday, August 18, 2014

Dumbass PSA: Tips for Avoiding an Ass Kickin' by the Cops (Video)

With all the shit going on in the country concerning relations between Black People and the Police, I feel it is incumbent upon me as the Fearless Leader of the Dumbass Horde to bring forth some vital, potentially life-saving tips that may some day save a Negro Dumbass from an ass kickin' at the hands of a (or group of) Dumbass Creepy Ass Cracka Cops.

Please heed, commit to memory or even write them down if you have to, these suggestions on how to maintain a civil, if not ass kickin'-avoiding encounter with the local constabulary in your own town.

I believe that the video you are about to view will also be very useful for other minorities such as Meskins, Puerto Rickans and other Brown People.

If your are a Dumbass of the White Privilege Persuasion, it is your civic duty to pass these instructions on to any Dumbasses of Color that you might know.

Regardless of your ethnicity, this powerful tutorial could just be the thing that saves you from getting an ass kickin' from the cops.                            


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