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Friday, August 29, 2014

FAIL: Setting Yourself On Fire for the Ice Bucket Challenge! (w/3 Alarm Video!)

Messed Up Ice Bucket Challenge
The Big Thang going on all over the Triple Dub (www.) is the ALS Lou Gehrig's Disease) Ice Bucket Challenge.

This is where seemingly normal people allow a friend or family member to drench him'her with a bucket full of ice water.

This is not as stoopid as it may appear at first glance.

Once icicle-ified, the now-frozen Dumbass challenges other non-frozen Dumbasses to get icicle-ified also.

There is good and there is bad that comes from icicle-ified in such a manor.

The Bad: Male Icicle-ees learn very quickly just how fast his testicles are able to retreat to the warm of anywhere that is not his nutsack. This phenomenon is what is known as Rapid Gazebo Retreat.

The Good: Actually, The Good should be referred to as The Great! This is because each Dumbass that does not experience the maximum effects of Rapid Gazebo Retreat Traumatic Disorder (or the Female Dumbass equivalent thereof) makes a donation to the ALS Association which will help in finding a cure for this horrible disease.

Nice job, Dumbasses!

Except for this guy:

Yes, Dumbasses, he set himself on fire on purpose!

There are at least a few lessons to be learned here:

  1. One should never use grain alcohol as an accelerant to intentionally set your skull ablaze.
  2. If you are drunk enough to willingly perform an act of arson on your own head (even if for a charitable cause), make sure the Stoopid Fuck designated to extinguish your flaming follicles actually pours the water directly onto the fire!
  3. Once you are ignited, never, I repeat never run away screaming like a bitch from the one thing (water) that will save you from being a Deep Fried Dumbass.
  4. This guy is a well-trained Professional Dumbass. And a drunk.
  5. Do not try this at home.

***Hat Tip to Long Time Friend & a Real Smart Dumbass, Jim Lawrence, Nimitz High School, Class of 1975**


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