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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Passing of a Brilliant Dumbass: Robin Williams

We were all stunned by yesterday's news of the tragic end of the life of Robin Williams.

I knew that Robin had a history of substance abuse and mental health issues, but I never knew that his demons were as cruel as they (now) obviously were.

Here's a man that could send the world into an uproarious laughter at the drop of a hat, but for reasons that we can't explain, could himself only cry.

Chris Dean over at Pixie C D has written an absolutely brilliant piece on Robin Williams and the vicious bastard named Mental Illness.

If you or someone you know suffers from mental illness, you owe it to yourself, and them, to read this masterpiece.



  1. Thank you so much, Big Guy. Like so many others, I'm still stunned and sad.

    1. My pleasure, Chris!

      Your post really hit home with me.

      It was brilliantly written and certainly well worth sharing with The Dumbass Horde.

      BTW....thank YOU!


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