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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Meskins, Negroes & Lezbeans - Oh My!

I am a Texan.

As such I have been stereotyped as a "certain" kind of man, and it ain't always nice, by Dumbasses who a) don't know me from Barack Obama's white half or b) assume that just because I am from Texas and a White Guy I must believe certain things. 

Because of my heritage, some douchenozzles automatically assume:

  1. I am a raaaaacist. 
  2. I hate non-Americans, especially Meskins.
  3. I do not like, know nor associate with homos or lezbeans.
In other words, many (not all) folks in the more "progressive" part of our society call me a "Redneck". And I don't think they mean "Child of God" when they do.

Truth be told, I am Redneck and I am damn proud of it. I worked hard for over 40 years until my body betrayed me, sometimes at jobs I hated, providing for my family and doin' my damnedest to be a good Father and husband and pay my bills, sometimes failing miserably, sometimes succeeding beyond my wildest dreams. I love God. I love my family. I love my country. I love my Mama. I value life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness and showing charity and kindness to my fellow man.

Yep. I am a Redneck. You on the other hand are a Taint Stain on the Underwear of Humanity.

All that said.....
Not a Typical Bro

Let me set the record straight (no gay pun intended):

  1. I have over the course of my 58 years had many black friends. Not just Negroes I Know, but honest-to-goodness friends. I have even actually been in a black person's home! I can assure you with 100% certainty that I have never owned a Negro nor have I ever committed any human bean of African heritage to indentured servitude. Unless they deserved it.
  2. As far as Meskins go....Meskins and Mexico have always been a pivotal part of Texas History, You know why? Because Texas was once part of Mexico! Until 1836 when we kicked their asses at San Jacinto and achieved Independence from the brutal Meskin Gubmint. Even some of the Gringos in those days were Meskin citizens! BTW, I speak, read and write Spanish. Short version: I know (and like) enough Meskins to make a Cisco Kid movie. I wouldn't have it any other way. Amigos.
  3. As far as Gay People go, I don't give a shit who you love and/or sleep with. What goes on behind closed doors at your house is none of my damn bidness. I do have one steadfast rule when it comes to Gay Folks ---> Lezbean pron (for research purposes of course) is required by law to carry the Fearless Leader Lezbean Pron Seal of Approval.  
Bottom line: I couldn't care less about your skin color, sexual preference, religion (or lack thereof) etc., etc., etc. I prefer to evaluate a person's place in my life by the content of their character, not some external bullshit.

Simple huh?

Now if you'll excuse me, I've got to go find a story about a Gay-Meskin-Negro-Lezbean to make fun of.

Must be the Redneck in me.



  1. You just go wrap yourself in that Confederate flag and polish your rifle you bought from WalMart while watching Duck Dynasty!

    Redneck perfect time!

    1. I just got my white sheet and pointy hat back from the cleaners, too!

      I like to dress formal sometimes.


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