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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Me, The "Helicopter" and The Goose Liver Fondue; FML

I am a Simple Man.

By "simple" I actually mean "stoopid as a box of goose liver fondue".

See the photo below?

This is what is called a "helicopter". It's a little dealio that falls off some of the trees during the autumn here in Maine. The half to the right looks like an insect wing. The left half is a little cubby hole that is weighted by a "seed" enclosed in the cubby hole.

When you gently hold the "helicopter" by the weighted end and launch it upward, it floats to Earth rotating like the blade of a (you guessed it) a helicopter!

I really enjoy doing this.

Over and over again.

I am 58 years old.

I am stoopid as a box of goose liver fondue.






  1. Would it make you feel any better if I told you I do the same thing?
    Finding a helicopter tree (because yes, that's what I call them) when it's ripe for flight and there's a strong breeze blowing? Magic! I love to stand under them in a shower of flying seeds.
    Yep, we're in some damn fine company.

    1. Welcome to "The Goose Liver Fondue Club", Chris!

  2. What happens in Goose Liver Fondue Club STAYS in Goose Liver Fondue Club.


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