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Thursday, October 23, 2014

O Canada! Put the USA on Speed Dial; We Got Your Back!

I was gonna write an eloquent, heartwrenching post about yesterday's terrorist attack on the People of Canada.

We Americans understand.

Anyway....I was checking out my Facebook page yesterday when I came across a comment by a Fellow Moron (moron = reader of Ace of Spades HQ blog).

Uncle Facts, Meteor Summoner and Moron said it way better than I ever could about the rampage in Ottawa:

Dear America's Hat,
Some of us haven't forgotten what you did for our people when they were held hostage in iran.
Your bacon isn't really bacon, and you drink your milk from a bag, and we won't even discuss poutine.
But what happened to your countrymen makes my heart ache for you.
Much love for you canucks.

We got your back, Canada-ites. Just like you've had ours.

Oh....about that poutine.......



  1. Beautiful thoughts for our friends up North.

    1. Thanks, Chris.Unc definitely has a way with words.

      As I type this, "Dumbass News" has 5797 Canadian Memebers of the Dumbass Horde. An attack on them and their country is an attack on me and my country. I am glad the killer was dispatched to Hell post haste.


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