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Friday, October 17, 2014

"Spelling Bee": Greatest Political Ad of All Time? (Video)

As you may have heard there is a Big Election coming up the first Tuesday in November.

The eyes of the Nation will be focused on the results in races across the country that will determine whether the Democrats maintain or the Republican party gains control of the United States Senate.

If there is a power shift in the Senate, the political direction of the United States will take a BIG right hand turn.

One of the most hotly contested Senate races is happening to my left (directionally, not politically - I live in Maine) over in New Hampshire --- Scott Brown (R) vs Pat Shaheen (D).

Close races with such a potentially dramatic effect on the gubmint of the USA mean that there have been 48 bazillion TV and radio ads run for each of the candidates.

I saw one of these ads on the Boob Tube the other day and laughed my ass off when it ran. (Quick Note: as I typed that last sentence there was an ad for one of the Goobernatorial guys for Maine on TV) Anyway....cast aside your particular political proclivities for about thirty seconds and watch this ad. It's one the best poli-ads I have seen in a very long time.

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