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Monday, November 24, 2014

Dumbass Outdoors: Hunter Bags Buck: Deer Gets Revenge!

I have lived in some states in our country where hunting is a Big Deal. 

In Texas, Colorado and Maine, hunting is a birth right, exercised by several generations of millions of families in that trio of states.

It may come as a surprise to you that each and every hunter from all those generations are members of PETA. No, Dumbass not that PETA. I am talking about the Redneck version of PETA - People Eating Tasty Animals.

There is a similar organization of PETA in Spain - Los Pendejos de PETA.

Marino Malerba is one of those pendejos.

Like many European Meskins, Marino was a cazador (hunter).

After much-detailed preparation for his European Meskin Big Game Hunting Extravaganza, Marino set out on his faithful burro Julio Iglesias in search of a bounty of tasty animals with which to make the Euro-Mex version of menudo.

Marino and Julio Iglesias spent many hours that day painstakingly pursuing their prey.

At last, they found it! High upon a ledge almost overhead, a deer the size of a Euro-Meskin hooker
majestcally posed, looking out over the Spanish country side.

His heart pounding in chest, his hands shaking, Marino took careful aim at his quarry. Taking a few deep breaths in order to calm himself, Marino located the stag in his rifle's scope and ever-so-gently sqeeeeeeezed the trigger.


Remember that part up there ^^^ where I said the deer was damn near straight overhead from Marino?

Make that exactly overhead from Marino.

El Jefe de Cazadores Pendejos did inded inflict a fatal gun shot wound upon the deer, but there was one small problema.

The deer fell off its perch high atop the ledge and landed smack dab on top of Marino!

Killing. Him. Graveyard. DEAD.

Julio Iglesias was unharmed.


***Hat Tip to Fearless Mom & The Darwin Awards Guys (sorry I have no link)***

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