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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Dumbass News & NORAD Track Santa's Journey!

It has come to my attention that many of you Dumbasses have Little Dumbasses running all around your double wide.

I am the father of four Little Dumbasses myself.

Fortunately, two of my Dumbass Offspring are grown men and are themselves fathers of their own tribes of Little Dumbasses. I do, however, still have my two daughters (7 & 12) residing with me and Mrs. Fearless Leader at The Dumbass News World Headquarters located on the grounds of the Kennebec County Feral Moose Reserve and Guaranteed Gizzard Warmin' Moonshine Distillery and Gift Shop.

One of the traditions we have followed during my second stint as a Dad is to track Santa's 'round the world voyage as he delivers loot to Little Dumbasses in every country (and New Jersey) on the planet.

Guess what?

Through the auspices of NORAD, a gubmint agency whose acronym means "We Do Top Secret Shit and Would Have to Kill You If You Found Out What It Is", Dumbasss and Non-Dumbasses alike can keep tabs on Santa and his reindeer too!

Round up the younguns and simply click here for minutes and minutes of Dumbass Family Christmas Fun!

Merry Christmas!


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