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Monday, December 8, 2014

Welcome Mrs. Fearless Leader! Tips for surviving Parking Lot Assholes

Its that time of year again, where your kids want every fucking toy they see.  You buy foods that you would never consider cooking but you figure its the holidays you might as well conjure up your inner Betty Crocker.  Some of you know that I like to cook but even I get overwhelmed this time of year.  It never fucking fails either, stores from here to the Mojave Dessert are full of assholes.  Jackasses that park their fucking fuel effient pieces of shit in a way that takes up two parking spaces like this dip shit in the above picture.  So I thought instead of ranting and raving about this fucking douche bags, I would do something about it.  You all care to join me??

1.  If you are a parent you more than likely will have sidewalk chalk at your disposal.  Draw a circle around the car and make arrows at the car and write Asshole Parking like this:


  1. Just don't get caught while doing it.
    You'd probably get charged with "vandalism" or "destruction of private property" (for desecrating the parking lot) as there seems to be so many dumbass laws on the books these days.

    1. You just reminded me, Tal, that I should do another post on stupid laws still on the books. It's astonishing what's out there.


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