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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Best Dumbass Protest Tool Ever: Arms, Chains, Cement, 55 Gallon Drums!

Protesting/civil disobedience is as American as apple pie.

For reasons of brevity, and the fact that I am a lousy typist, "protest/civil disobedience" will be referred to simply as "protest".

When I say "protest" I don't mean rioting or looting. I mean "civil disobedience". (which I said I wouldn't type sue me)

Perhaps the most historic protest in our nation's history is the Boston Tea Party.

This is rather ironic since what is arguably the Stoopidest Protest in Our Nation's History also took place in Beantown.

This particular act of civil disobedience (there I go again) is a direct offshoot of the protests in Ferguson, Missouri and New York City where two black guys died in confrontations with the police.

The stated purpose of this protest was to "disrupt bidness as usual" and to "protest police and state vioence against black people".

Black Lives Matter.

You'll recall that in the protests in Ferguson and the Big Apple one of the ways the punks, thugs and radicals protesters "disrupted bidness as usual" was to block major roadways, including interstate highways.

The Commie Pukes protesters in Boston took a cue from their fellow travelers in Missouri and New York - they blocked Interstate 93 in both directions in and out of Boston.

This action was not very original, so these Dumbasses used some Good Old New England Ingenuity and came up with a brilliant new way to bring attention to their cause. Naturally by "brilliant" I mean "insane".

This is what I mean by "insane":

At first glance this photo appears to show two garden variety yak shit-for-brains Massholes leaning against a 55 gallon drum blocking traffic on one of the busiest highways in New England, I-93. This would be a correct assumption. Kind of.

Further examination, however, reveals that these two unflushed turds actually have their arms inserted into holes in the barrel.

What you can't see is that inside the barrel their arms are chained together!

If you were to do more extensive investigation you would discover that not only are their arms chained together inside the barrel, the barrel is filled with cement!

Now that's the way to conduct civil disobedience! (I know, I know)

To answer an unasked question, yes these two paint huffers were the very people they were protesting against!



Oh, yeah.....fuck you pencil neck pussies.


***Hat Tip to Joe the Maintenance Dumbass***

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  1. That surely has to win an award for stoopidest thing ever carried out by a human being.

    1. I'm sure there will be some kind of "Dummy Award" for them at the end of the year.


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